Members of the Executive Committee

Presidency: Jean-David Therrien

Treasurer: Marie-Pier Brochu

Secretary: Audrey Laberge-Carignan

Vice-Presidency: Alexandre Terrigeol

Vice-Presidency of socio-cultural activities: Francis Noël

Vice-Presidency of socio-cultural activities: Justin Plante

Vice-Presidency of communications: Thierry Grnadmont

Departments Representatives:


Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Bioinformatics:

Biology: Marie-Pier Brochu

Chemistry: Josyane Turgeon

Chemical Engineering:

Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering: Robin Jean

Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering: Thierry Villeneuve

Geology and Geological Engineering:


Mathematics and Statistics:

Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering:

Physics, Engineering Physics, and Optics: